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About Us

General Profile

The Gaming Commission is a body corporate established by the Gaming Act 2006, Act 721 with the main purpose of Regulating, Controlling, Monitoring and Supervising the operations of Games of Chance in the country

The Gaming Commission Team

Functions of the Commission?

Gaming commission of Ghana is responsible for issuing licenses to all gaming operators and permits to companies and individuals that wish run promotions with elements of game of chance.

To ensure full compliance with the gaming law and regulations, inspections are carried out continuously. These include among others, suitability of gaming premises, safety and security requirement, gaming employees’ licenses, compliance with gaming devices, minimum bankroll requirements and casino internal control procedures.
The commission generates revenue through taxes and levies from casinos, route operators, sports betting and promotions involving games of chance.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    To create and maintain a viable, fair and respectable Gaming Industry for all who have interest in or are affected by gaming in the country.
  • Our Vission

    To create a better and sustainable gaming industry for national development.
  • Our Objective

    The objective of the Gaming Commission is to Regulate, Control, Monitor and Supervise the operation of games of chance in the country.

  • Casinos
  • Sports Betting
  • Route Machines
  • Marketing Promotions